Church Services and Holy Mass

Antalya: Haşim İsçan Mah. 1295 Sokak Nr.27-29

st. nikolaus 12

Sonntag  05.02.  11:00 Uhr  Eucharist

Sonntag   12.02.  11:00 Uhr: Euchumenical Service

                           18:00 Uhr: Eucharist / Holy Mass (engl.)

Samstag    18.02.  18:00 Uhr: Eucharist / Holy Mass (engl.)

Sonntag   19.02.  11:00 Uhr:Euchumenical Service

Samstag    25.02.   18:00 Uhr:Eucharist / Holy Mass (eng.)

Sonntag   26.02. 11:00 Uhr: Evangelischer Abendmahlsgottesdienst

      11:30 Uhr: Eucharist in Alanya 


Church services for all confessions and all nationalities are mostly holded in German language. Messes at special religios holidays are holded in English language too. After the services feel free to meet each other in our church garden.

Special messes for groups and for family events at anytime after consultation.

Confession before - or after church services.

ALANYA: Cumhuriyet Mah. Sanat Okulu Caddesi 32 A

location plan


Special services at any time.

Belek-Kadriye: Garden of tolerance

location plan



Private Holy Masses for family celebrations and groups at any time.

Public services at each of the 2nd public holidays of Christmas, Easter and Pentecost.